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Berry vs. Halter

A campaign spokesman for Lt. Gov. Bill Halter says the bad-mouthing Halter got from Congressman Marion Berry came from a bitter man.

Asked about Halter’s possible Democratic primary challenge to incumbent U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln, Berry told Congressional Quarterly, “I don’t know anybody that cares what Bill Halter is going to do except Bill Halter. He is only of consequence in his own mind.”

Lincoln and Berry are both from East Arkansas and have been political allies. The retiring congressman told CQ that Halter would lose if he ran against Lincoln.

“He’s pretty much exhausted his ability to raise money in Arkansas,” Berry said. “It was kind of fluke he got elected to lieutenant governor’s office” in 2006.

Halter campaign spokesman Bud Jackson responds that Berry is still bitter because “his candidate”— Tim Wooldridge — was defeated by Halter in the lieutenant governor’s race four years ago.

Jackson continues, “It was no fluke that Bill Halter was elected by a wide margin, earning more votes than even Mike Beebe against Asa (Hutchinson). It  was no fluke that more than 60 percent of Arkansans passed the scholarship lottery that (Halter) fought for in the face of insider and special interest attacks.”

And he adds, “Thankfully, for the thousands of Arkansans who will soon receive a scholarship, Bill Halter was on their side, fought for them and won. If he does run for federal office, Arkansans can expect more of the same because Bill Halter understands that Washington is broken and needs to be fixed, even if it means taking on the insiders and special interests.”

Otherwise, Jackson says he has “nothing new” to report on Halter’s decision about his political future.


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