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Calling Mark Pryor

U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., says he’ll hold six more “town hall meetings” by phone in response to a high demand from Arkansans who want to discuss health care reform, the economy, climate change and other issues — but mostly health care reform.

A news release from Pryor’s office says the senator received questions on a wide range of issues during two telephone town halls and several personal appearances he made in the state last week, but “participants primarily shared concerns about health care.”

Pryor will hold two meetings this Tuesday, two more on Aug. 27 and two more on Sept. 3. A meeting schedule, including phone numbers and ID codes, is available here.



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  1. August 18th, 2009 at 9:26 am

    Eunice says:

    One has to wonder where this Senate Race will end up. The US Senate is there for the taking, all that is needed is a decent candidate, solid message, a good organization and a viable plan. It is time for her to go. Sadly, my own party is incompetent, corrupt and disorganized. Doyle Webb’s failure to provide candidates whether viable or not for so many seats in the state demonstrates how ineffective the State GOP is. There was major infighting within the party just over the need to recruit someone like Tom Cotton. Much of the party is already aligned itself with Curtis Coleman. Meanwhile the Mark Martin faction wants to see Tom Cox, the creator of the Arkansas Tea Party Movement in office. All this is taking place while the people of Arkansas sits on the sidelines and watch this train wreck take place. There needs to be other options for the people. I suggest Arkansans look at the Green Party or the Independent Candidate.

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