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Hutchinson to run for state Senate

Former Republican state Rep. Jeremy Hutchinson of Little Rock tells blogger Jason Tolbert he will run for the Distrct 22 seat in the state Senate, now held by the term-limited Democrat Shane Broadway of Bryant.


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  1. August 6th, 2009 at 12:26 pm

    Rex says:

    I hope we are going to see some more of this. Previous elected leaders who have conservative values, that were term limited out stepping back in. The current state GOP is just loss it’s direction. They can’t even get a decent candidate for US Senate to run against Senator Lincoln. Last election, they might as well handed Senator Pryor a blank check. If they don’t put up someone against the Governor this time around, then the party will cease to exist the next election. Everyone will have to get signatures like the independent Trevor Drown. While I am on that sibject. Someone with his life experience is someone to be considered a serious contender. He has tapped into the common man and they see he really cares.

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