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Blue-Dog deficit-buster

Fourth District Congressman Mike Ross says he’s ready to back a made-in-America stimulus package.

The lead dog of the fiscally conservative Blue-Dog Democrats in the U.S. House says while he’s a stickler for pay-as-you-go for new mandated spending, tough times require tough measures.

Ross says he and members of the Blue-Dog coalition are ready to sign on to President-elect Obama’s deficit-financed stimulus plan because of the current economic crisis.

Ross told the Fayetteville Political Animal’s Club today the last stimulus package was backed by borrowed money from China and people used the money to slice credit card debt or buy more made-in-China goods. “Whose economy did that stimulate?” he asked.

Ross says Obama’s plan would build roads and other infrastructure that will provide jobs in the short-term and avenues for growth in the long-term.


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  1. December 15th, 2008 at 1:10 pm

    Chad says:

    So he’s all about the pay-as-you-go unless the popular thing to do is to do the opposite. Way to stick to your guns!!!

    I don’t think he can be called a stickler for pay as you go anymore.

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